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A message from Father Hufford regarding COVID-19  - Updated 3/26/2020

Dear faithful of Our Lady of Fatima,

    Thank you for your prayers in these days.  I thought your cooperation last week was excellent.  A special thanks to the people who have taken time to wipe surfaces between Masses.

    The prudent course that my superiors have given is to continue to provide the sacraments as much as possible, and also to observe the laws.  Fr. Wegner writes, “I insist that we must respect the orders of the government, for the ‘Shelter-at-home’ rules, for the limitation of numbers of congregants, for the interdictions to celebrate Masses in public, for the social distancing.”  

Here are the directives, pretty much the same, but with a few more details:

  • No children under the age of seven.

  • Those who are even slightly ill are asked to take a dispensation.

  • Please don’t expect to be allowed in if you are not signed up.

  • Please only place one reservation for you and your family (as defined by members of your family that live under your roof and are older than 7)

  • We won’t schedule servers and ushers for these Masses.  I will appoint ushers after sign up is completed.  If a server signs up, he will be most welcome to serve.

  • We must keep the social distancing of at least six feet, from one family or individual to the next.  Here are some examples of spaces and times where you have to give this special attention, since it’s contrary to habit.

    • The confession line.

    • The line for Holy Communion and the communion rail itself.  At our communion rail, let’s have no more than three communicants at a time.

    • After Mass, no loitering in the hall or outside, even amongst family members.  Spacing the cars will help; in Veneta we have actually put out cones in alternate parking spaces.

Here is the schedule for this weekend at Our Lady of Fatima, Portland:

Friday, March 27th: Confessions at 6 Pm.  Stations at 6:30, followed by Holy Mass.

Saturday, March 28th: Confessions at 7:30 Am. Mass at 8, followed by exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and all day adoration.  This is an opportunity for us to pray and sacrifice; please try to reserve a time.  We should have at least two for every one hour slot between 9 Am and 6 Pm.  Benediction at 6 Pm.

Sunday, March 29th.  Arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to Mass.  Sermon and Thanksgivings have to be short.  The time from the beginning of Holy Mass to the time you are out of the parking lot should be one hour or less.  I beg those of you who come to the early Mass to remember that we are in a residential neighborhood, very close to the homes, and that every one of us should be as quiet as a mouse.

5:30 Am confessions, Mass at 6.
7 Am confessions, Mass at 7:30.
8:30 Am confessions, Mass at 9.
10 Am confessions, Mass at 10:30.
11:30 Am confessions, Mass at Noon.